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Welcome to FumiLearn, a training site, focused on fumigation and professional development courses for the fumigation industry sector

To perform fumigation, a person requires specialist skills and essential knowledge.

FumiLearn web based training develops a candidates essential skills and knowledge to complete fumigations safely.

Investing in effective employee training will increase skills, knowledge, productivity, morale and help reduce workplace incidents. 

Training gives your staff members information on how to do their job safely, what risks are involved, and where to go to for information.

It is not enough to employ a staff member who has previously had instruction, you need to keep providing your employees with ongoing training and instruction to keep them safe.

Our courses are clear, consice and engaging, and can be completed anywhere there is internet access, at home, on the job or at the workplaced.

To access the accredited training section, you must enroll with one of a registered training organisations. (Tafe SA and Trainer Services Australia)

Alternatively contact Mark Wagner for a trial.

CPPPMT3011 Manage organisms by applying fumigants to commodities and environments

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